We are Il Faut Manger.

Il Faut Manger blends songwriting, improvisation and real-time processing in order to create an adventurous kind of pop music (or a poppy kind of adventurous music). The electro-acoustic songs deal with love, geometry, midgets, time, dreams and – last, but certainly not least – food.

Il Faut Manger exists of Patrick Bossink, Aleksandra Popovska & Sjoerd Leijten. Currently we are working on our first album under the working title ‘Things Happen. Or Not’.

Here’s some of our newest material:

Bakery Attack


About a Statue, a Woman and a Man (live)

Shieldless Time


Henry Moore

1 Juli 1998

Here you can listen to chunks from a performance@Uitfeest, Utrecht:

Shieldless Time

MovieCarrots (live@Sony Music)

An improvisation in the rehearsal room